Royal Academy of Belgium

Last updated 5 April, 2019

The 12 slides used at the 21 & 28 February sessions (respectively Sciences and Humanities) of the Lisbon Academy of Science to present my report on World Meeting Paris 2019 Heritage Sciences and Technologies, where I signed the (amended) Declaration of behalf of ACL were cut in half for the remarks before the 27 April session of the Technology and Society Class, during which Gael Girard made a fascinating presentation.

Sadly, previous visits have not been reported after the seminar on postmodernism from 9 to 12 February, 2012.


On the proposal of Jean Pierre Contzen I was elected corresponding member of the class of technology and society of ARB together with Eduardo Arantes e Oliveira, president of ACL.

On 18 May, 2011 we were received. This was a moving ceremony, also because Philip Maystadt became full member on the same day.