Jorge Braga de Macedo
Commission of the European Community
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Last updated 4 January, 2003

In December 1988, I was appointed Director for National Economies at the European Commission in Brussels, responsible for the country studies used in multilateral surveillance, which were to become the convergence programs.

In that capacity I worked closely with the President of the Commission in designing macroeconomic assistance to Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union during the French, Irish, Italian and Luxemburg Presidencies of the Council of Ministers.

These activities are reflected in the Country Studies published in the Economic Papers series and in other publications of the Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs, namely:

· One Market One Money; An evaluation of the benefits and costs of forming an economic and monetary union, European Economy, nº 44, October 1990 (especially chapter 9).

· Stabilization Liberalization and Devolution; Assessment of the economic situation and reform process in the Soviet Union, European Economy, nº45, October 1990.

In August 1991, I was promoted to Deputy Director General of the Budget and retain to date the grade of A1 in the services of the European Commission.

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