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Last updated 17 May, 2006.

Jorge Braga de Macedo, 59,  is president of the Tropical Research Institute in Lisbon, professor of economics at Nova University, Lisbon and associate professor at the Institut d´Études Politiques in Paris.   


  • "Baccalauréat" in Experimental Sciences at Lycée Français Charles Lepierre in Lisbon, recognised by Université de Toulouse, France, 1964;
  • LL. B., Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, 1971;
  • M.A. in International Relations (Economics), Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 1973;
  • M.Phil. in Economics, Yale University, 1978;
  • Ph. D. in Economics, Yale University, 1979;
  • "Agregação", Faculty of Economics, Nova University, Lisbon, 1982.


    Born in Lisbon on 1 December 1946. On 30 November 1972, married Maria Luiza Almeida Ribeiro, two children (João born 1 June 1977 and Ana born 3 October 1984). In 1990, he adopted  Jorge (born 31 July 1965).


  • Corresponding Member, Lisbon Academy of Science, since 1997;
  • Professor of Economics, Nova University, Lisbon, since 1996 (Associate Professor 1984-95; Assistant since 1976, on leave since January 2000) ;
  • Associate Professor, Institut d' ètudes Politiques, Paris, since 2002;
  • Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, Mass., since 1985 (Faculty Research Fellow since 1980);
  • Research Fellow, Center for Economic Policy Research, London, England, since 1983.


  • President of OECD Development Centre October 1999-April 2003; Special Adviser to the Director to ensure smooth transition, May-June, 2003;
  • Director, Centre for Social Economics, Tropical Research Institute, Lisbon, 1985-2004
  • Elected member of  the board of the European  Association for Comparative Economic Systems (1998-2002);
  • Elected founding chairman of the Commission on Lusophone Communities of the Lisbon Geographic Society, since 1997 (member since 1985). ;
  • Elected founding chairman of Forum Portugal Global, Lisbon, since 1996;
  • Chairman of the Portuguese Group and Member of the Executive Committee of The Trilateral Comission, Paris, since 1995 (Member since 1988);
  • Chairman of the Portuguese National Committee of the Foundation for a History of European Civilization, Paris, since 1995;
  • President, Parliamentary Committee for European Affairs (1994-95);
  • President, Council of Economics and Finance Ministers of the European Community (Ecofin), 1992;
  • Minister of Finance (1991-93);
  • Member of Parliament for Porto, Assembly of the Republic (1991-95);
  • Appointed Deputy Director General of the Budget, European Commission July 1991;
  • Director for National Economies, European Commission, Brussels (1988-91);
  • Member, Comission on Tax Reform, Ministry of Finance (1984-88);
  • Junior lieutenant, Portuguese Army (1973-75).

  • Assistant Professor of Economic and International Affairs, Princeton University, Princeton, New     Jersey (1980-86);
  • Lecturer: Lisbon School of Law (1973-74), Luanda School of Economics, Angola (1974-75), Yale University (1977-79), INSEAD and CEDEP, Fontainebleau, France 1982-87, 1998-99), Catholic University of Portugal (1975-88), etc.
  • Consultant, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1994-97), Confederation of     Portuguese Industry (1976-88), United Nations (1982-84), World Bank (1984-87),    Luso-American Development Foundation (1987-91);
  • Economist, Research Department, International Monetary Fund (1978-79).
  • Elected member, Council of the European Economic Association (1987-92);