List of recent papers
Last updated 12 August, 2002
(this complements information available in the Development Centre's Newsletter)
Work on Africa
Selected Prefaces
Development Redux
Towards Arab and Euro-Med Regional Integration, Development Centre Seminar
Corporate Governance and National Development, Technical Paper nº 180
Afrique émergente, Étude du Centre de Développement
Don't Fix, don't float, Development Centre Study

Technical Papers (nº in parentheses)
How globalisation improves governance (nº 181, with Federico Bonaglia e Maurizio Bussolo)
Financial Crises and International Architecture: a “Eurocentric” Perspective (nº 162)
Converging European Transitions (nº 159)

Other papers
Taux de change: ni fixe ni flottant, editor (with Daniel Cohen and Helmut Reisen), Development Centre Study
How globalisation improves governance (with Federico Bonaglia e Maurizio Bussolo), CEPR Discussion Paper nº 2992, October 2001
La Chine et sa séquence de modernisation (with Eric Burgeat), OECD Development Centre, October 2001
Partnerships - the critical role of the state, 4th Conference on Evaluation for Development, World Bank, 23 July 2001, in progress
Reducing Poverty under Global Finance (with Hans Blommestein), Jacques Maritain Institute, Rome, September
Monetary Integration for Sustained Convergence: Earning Rather than Importing Credibility (with Daniel Cohen and Helmut Reisen), July 2001
Sustainable development and social protection in East Asia (with Kiichiro Fukasaku e Ulrich Hiemenz), June 2001
The euro in international financial architecture, Acta Oeconomica, 2001
Globalisation and Institutional Change: a development perspective, May 2001, available at
From Transformation to Development: Globalisation and Perspectives for Economic Policy, presented at TIGER conference, Warsaw, March 2001, available at
Comment on Anne Krueger e Jungho Yoo, Chaebol Capitalism and the Currency-Financial Crisis in Korea, in Preventing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets Sebastian Edwards and Jeffrey Frankel, Editors, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press for NBER, 2001
The European Payments Union and its Implications for the Evolution of the International Financial Architecture (with Barry Eichengreen), in Fragility of the International Financial System – How can we prevent new crises in emerging markets?, edited by Alexandre Lamfalussy, Bernard Snoy and Jérôme Wilson, Brussels: PIE Peter Lang for Fondation Internationale Robert Triffin, 2001, pp. 25-42.

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Documents (under revision)

  • Convergence, democracy and cohesion: Is there a European identity in development?
  • The anti-corruption agenda of the OECD Development Centre
  • National Development and Economic Transition Under International Governance:The Case of East Timor (with José Braz and Rui Sousa Monteiro)

  • Revised versions in html
    Risk Management and Financial Globalisation (with José Braz)