Last updated 20 July, 2003
On 17/18 July, I represented the OECD at the VIII Council of Ministers of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries meeting in Coimbra, Portugal and presented a paper on lusophone activities, available here.
I was apponted Special Adviser to the OECD Secretary-General on July 1, 2003.
On 6 October, 1999 the OECD Council appointed me President of the Development Center, effective October 25, until 31 December, 2001. On 27 September, 2001 I was reappointed until 31 December, 2002. On 12 September, 2002 a new development architecture was approved whereby the position of president would be replaced by one of director in May 2003. To ensure a smooth transition, I was appointed special adviser to Louka Katseli, the new director, until 30 June. 
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  • On May 15, I served as discussant of Graciela Kaminsky in the session on capital flows of ABCDE Europe and moderated a workshop on the NEPAD Peer Review and Public Private Partnerships for Development. The introduction to the workshop is available here.
  • On 28 April, I participated in a panel on Latin America - What next? at the OECD Forum, in the Centre de Conférences Internationales in Paris, with a presentation updating the one given at SECIB in Madrid in November 2002, summarized here.
  • On 25 April I participated in the Forum of L´Économiste Mahrébin in Tunis, dealing with the internationalization of tunisian business and presented relevant OECD publications, namely the African Economic Outlook and the Euromed book.
  • On 9 April, I participated in a panel on NEPAD with President Abdoulaye Wade at Sciences-Po where I presented him with a copy of the second edition of the African Economic Outlook, published jointly with the African Development Bank.
  • On 8 April, I co-chaired with the Economy Minister a conference on Public Private Partnerships for Development in post conflict situations the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, held in Kishasa. The press communique (in French) is available here
  • On 4 April, I chaired on behalf of the Secretary General a presentation of President Joaquim Chissano of Mozambique at OECD headquarters in the presence of Mr. Omar Kabbaj, President of the African Development Bank.
  • On 28 March, I visited the Bank of Estonia where I gave a seminar (based on OECD Development Centre Webdoc nº 6, Fix in order to float? Lessons from emerging markets for EU accession countries, written with Helmut Reisen and on Central Bank Intervention under Target Zones: the Portuguese Escudo in the ERM, written with Luis C. Nunes and Luis Brites Pereira) and met with the vice-governor Mr. Marten Ross and department heads. I also met with Messrs. Peeter Reshtshinski and Eero Saue of the External Economic Policy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with Mr. Erik Terk, director of the Estonian Institute of Future Studies and member of the Board of Bank of estonia and Ms. Tairir Rõõm, Ph. D. candidate at Boston College and economist in Bank of Estonia.
  • On 21 March,  I presented at paper on Fix in order to float? Lessons from emerging markets for EU accession countries (OECD Development Centre Webdoc nº 6, written with Helmut Reisen) at a conference organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hugary and the International Center for Economic Growth in Budapest and subsequently met with the Ambassador of Portugal to Hungary and the delegate to the Freign Trade and Investment Agency of Portugal (ICEP).
  • On 10 March, I presented a paper on Public Private Partnerships for Development (written with José Braz and Francisco Mantero) at the International Academy of Macau China, available here
  • On 23 October, 1962 the OECD Council created the Development Centre. To mark the  40th anniversary, a  book titled Development is Back (DiB) was launched on 23 October, 2002 in the presence of the Secretary General, his deputy in charge of development, the president of the Advisory Board, the president of the DAC and many more. Mehria took pictures of this culmination of the Redux project. 
  • On 9 October I started teaching a graduate course on International Development: Theory and Policy at the Institut d´Études Politiques in Paris with Angel Calderon-Madrid, from Colegio de Mexico, who is spending the academic years 2002/03 and 2003/04 at the OECD Development Centre. The idea is to make some of the work carried out at the Centre better known in university circles. The syllabus is available online: click here.
  • On 12 September, I presented a paper at the conference on "Development Co-operation: challenge for emerging donors" held by CzechAid in Prague. The paper, drawing on Development Redux, is available here.
  • On 26 March, 2002 Professor Richard N. Cooper, Harvard University, presented Growth and Inequality: the Role of Foreign Trade and Investment (May 2001)
  • On November 22, 2001 I gave the inaugural address at the OECD conference for high-officials on DEVOLVING AND DELEGATING POWER TO MORE AUTONOMOUS ENTITIES: THE GOVERNANCE OF PUBLIC AGENCIES AND AUTHORITIES held in Bratislava.
  • The Arc de Triomphe horse race on 7 October, 2001
  • Paul Krugman visits on 5 June
  • Welcome back to president Zedillo of Mexico conference room & terrace
  • A room with a view on the Seine in front of pont Mirabeau
  • Farewell to Thomas (with a view from the Terrasse at Chardon Lagache)
  • A party at the SecGen's home on 20 April, 2000 titled Olivia de Havilland with friends
  • On 6 October, 1999 the OECD Council appointed me President of the Development Center