List in reverse chronological order of the titles of 57 publications in English

Date of this version 8 July, 2017


Titles are numbered from a list of 473 writings, with information about revisions and reprints: entry numbers in bold refer to 103 publications in English and entry numbers in italics refer to 145 publications in other languages. This includes working papers without an ISBN number even if they are available on line, edited volumes and reprinted items (list excluding those items available here) but excludes articles published in newspapers (list of 199 available here).

Selected lists arranged by type and area are also available, always referring to the entry from the complete list (which is only translated into English after 2000), together with yearly totals and 5 year averages.


464. Reform complementarity and policy coordination in Europe: a view from Portugal, CIGI Policy Paper nº 312, June 2017.

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440. Writing to Queens while Crises Proceed In memory of Manuel Jacinto Nunes, IICT e CG&G, 2nd edition, 2015.

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258. War, taxes and gold: the inheritance of the real (with Álvaro Ferreira da Silva and Rita Martins de Sousa), Transferring Wealth & Power from the Old to the New World, edited by Michael Bordo and Roberto Cortes-Conde, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001, pp. 187-228.

256. Crises? What Crises? Escudo from ECU to EMU, Short-Term Capital Flows and Economic Crises, edited by Stephany Griffith-Jones, Manuel Montes and Anwar Nasution, study prepared for UNU/WIDER, Oxford University Press, 2001,  pp. 253-260.

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