Yale University
M.A. 1973
M. Phil. 1978
Ph.D 1979

Last updated 14 February, 2001

I obtained my Ph.D. in Economics in 1979, after obtaining a M.A. in International Relations (Economics) in 1973 and a M. Phil. in Economics in 1978.

I was graduate assistant at Berkeley College in 1972 and tought an undergraduate Seminar there on Portugal and Africa: from colonialism to socialism in the Spring of 1979. I also taught two graduate courses on International Monetary Economics, Econ 180b in the Spring of 1979 and Econ 173b in the Fall of 1979.

My research appeared in theYale Cowles Foundation and Economic Growth Center  series, as follows

1978 CFDP 488 "Exchange Rates and the International Adjustment Process" (with Pentti J.K. Kouri) CFP 464 [47pp]
1979 CFDP 522 "The Short-Run Macroeconomics of Floating Exchange Rates: An Exposition" (with James Tobin) CFP 508 [24pp]

EGC DP 319 "Exchange Rate Behavior with Currency Inconvertibility," September 1979 (68 pp.)
EGC DP 320 "Portuguese Currency Experience: An Historical Perspective," September 1979 (53 pp.)
EGC DP 321  "Portfolio Diversification Across Currencies," September 1979 (69 pp.)
EGC DP 322  "Foreign Exchange Market `Efficiency' and Currency Inconvertibility: The Case of the Portuguese Escudo Against the U.S. Dollar 1973-78," October 1979 (59 pp.)
EGC DP 323  "Monetarist Models of Exchange Rate Determination: Evidence from Portugal 1973-78," October 1979
EGC DP 324  "Exchange Rates in Portugal 1973-1978: A Portfolio Model of an Inconvertible Currency," October 1979 (55pp.)

EGC 229. "The Economic Consequences of the April 25th Revolution" (with Paul Krugman), Economia, III (3), Outubro 1979
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